The Fear

The fear of the unknown sometimes… if we don´t know how to manage the beast, the beast eats us alive.

Although having fear is a predefined state that accompanies us from early days, once you start facing your fears, you start releasing the bars on your “prison” to freedom.

Many of us created some fears to protects us from  several situations that kept us aside or even completely out of them. Some were created in different periods of our life to manifest the uncontrolled power of not wanting changes in our lives. Some are no longer necessary, and we should let them go.

Fear is the wall between living good with yourself and living in a constant anxiety of not being hurt somehow.

In order to live a life in all the wonders that the universe has to give, we should step by step unlock ourselves from fears.

Time is running and there is much to work in ourselves to became better human beings!


©Sandra Faria



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